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It is no secret that the most frequent Machine Learning models in production are still the old golden ones: decision trees, logistic regression, linear regression, naive Bayes, gradient boosting and K-means to name a few. We estimate that 80% of models in production fall in this category: The Shallow Learning models. Yet, the industry is pushing you toward complex Deep Learning models and expensive cloud GPUs. Truth is, you are probably not sending rockets to Mars or designing the next self-driving car. You might be better off following the KISS principle and prefer simpler battle-tested models instead! The KISS principle states that most systems work best if they are kept simple rather than made complicated. We embrace it.


MLPloy lets you embed Shallow Learning models right into your existing tech stack and infrastructure. By doing so, we lower, or even completely remove, your deployment costs. All this while also increasing security of your data, as it doesn’t need to leave your premises.


MLPloy lets you manage the entire lifecycle of Shallow Learning models for: data scientists (developing and uploading the models), developers (integrating the models into your products), BI analysts (integrating models into your dashboards) and management (monitoring and assessing model life-cycle).

Founding team

Ilya Kulyatin is an entrepreneur with prior experience in AI, Machine Learning, Data Science and Data engineering for applications in Fintech, Trading and Asset Management. Always focused on efficiency, he wants to simplify Machine Learning Engineering in production for the 80% of the models that do not actually require dedicated and expensive resources.

Michele Dallachiesa is a freelance Data Science & Machine Learning engineer helping startups & enterprises discover and answer the right questions on location, sequence, and graph. Having experienced first hand the challenges of productionalizing ML models, he is fully invested in this initiative as both technical founder and end-user to support his former and future clients.

We rely on a network of top-notch experts that help us deliver a truly great experience for our customers even before models are actually ready for MLPloy.
If you need help designing, implementing and reviewing Machine Learning models, we back you on this as well. Contact us to proceed.